The Secret to Maintaining Polished, Clean and Smooth Teeth


Here are some of the services that a dental hygienist will provide:

  • Scaling and polishing to treat gingivitis (bleeding gums)
  • Deep cleaning to treat periodontal disease (advanced gum disease)
  • Advising the best oral hygiene routine for your teeth
  • Identifying the potential source and treating bad breath
  • Applying fluoride, fissure sealants and other strengthening agents to the teeth
  • Air flow therapy

Air flow therapy is a new pain free teeth cleaning treatment that removes surface staining such as coffee, tea, tobacco & red wine quick & efficiently from the teeth surface. Air flow uses a mixture of air, warm jet water & sodium bicarbonate to polish your teeth.

The treatment can be repeated regularly & is suitable for both adults & children. It’s ideal for orthodontic & hypersensitive patients & can be used safely around implants, crowns , bridges & veneers leaving you with a brighter & whiter smile. Additionally it can be used to brighten any smile prior to special occasions such as weddings & holidays.

“The kids think going to the dentist is a treat now with all the stickers you gave them. No fear of dentists here!”
Cathy Monaghan

Meet the ones that make it happen

Dr.Paul McEvoy
B.A., B. Dent. Sc

Clodagh O’Dowd
RDH – Hygienist

Dr. Michael Koukoulis
B.Dent.S (Hons), Pg.Cert Implant Dentistry

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