Get Pearly Whites Again


A beautiful smile can literally change your personal and professional life and we have done this for hundreds of people who wanted to correct problems they had since childhood like discoloured, crooked or irregular teeth. Others want to correct things like cracked and worn down teeth.

There are a large variety of things which can be done to significantly improve our smiles. Ranging from simple whitening and cosmetic bonding to beautiful ceramic Empress Veneers.

Every case is unique and different our first concern is to tailor treatment to your needs and wishes. You can give us a call on 01-6761464 to personally discuss a tailor made treatment just for you.

“The kids think going to the dentist is a treat now with all the stickers you gave them. No fear of dentists here!”
Cathy Monaghan

Meet the ones that make it happen

Dr.Paul McEvoy
B.A., B. Dent. Sc

Clodagh O’Dowd
RDH – Hygienist

Dr. Michael Koukoulis
B.Dent.S (Hons), Pg.Cert Implant Dentistry

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